Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Commercial Paint Colors

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Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Commercial Paint Colors

Have you ever walked into an office space or business premises and instantly felt at ease? That isn’t accidental. Knowing how to pick commercial paint color is much more than simply choosing a shade from a color wheel because there are many important things to keep in mind. Let’s find out what are these considerations:


What is your commercial space being used for? For instance, healthcare settings will wish to spur a much diverse feeling and opt with muted, comforting tones whereas retail stores make use of bright, bold colors to entice patrons. Paint types & finishes can also differ based on the application, so it is critical to let your commercial painting contractor in Jacksonville FL know if industry regulations or restrictions have to be followed.

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Lighting plays an important role in how colors look in a space. Commercial buildings with ample natural light coming in can be great canvases for darker or deeper tones, whereas buildings having artificial lighting should opt with lighter tones. Also, colors look different relying upon the lighting & time of day, so select the brightness & saturation of paint colors as per that.

Color psychology:

There is science behind how different colors can affect moods & emotions, and you have to keep that in mind while choosing your commercial paint colors.

Warehouses: Research has proved that neutrals like beige, gray or white can make your staff feel depressed, which isn’t ideal for the productivity and engagement of warehouse employees. Instead, you can try to integrate your brand colors to improve morale.

Offices: Think about colors that reflect the business being conducted in the building. (For example, the office of an accountant will have a much more diverse palette than a tech startup.) If the office building has many different occupants, it is recommended to try the neutral route.

Retail spaces: The secret here is to choose lively paint colors that animate patrons and encourage them to make more shopping from your store. Vibrant orange and red grab shopper’s attention, whereas colors like purple and pink are perfect for cosmetic and beauty stores. However, think cautiously prior to you opt with bold commercial paint colors.

Ultimately, the ideal way to select commercial paint colors is by collaborating with one of the best commercial painting contractors in Jacksonville FL who’ve experience painting commercial buildings just like yours. Contact Apex Pro Painting, if you are looking for an affordable commercial painting quote!

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