Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting in Jacksonville FL

Exterior House Painting

Home's exterior is constantly exposed to sunlight & heat, rain water, dust, mold & mildew and huge dust also piles up due to storm. The exterior paint coat starts to peel, crack, and deteriorate over period of time. When it...

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Pressure Washing in Jacksonville

Pressure washing

One must remember that power washing is a foundation for any type of interior or exterior painting projects. Apex Pro Painting is a reliable contractor for the pressure washing services in Jacksonville. Regular pressure washing can benefit your residential and...

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Deck Staining painters in Jacksonville FL

Deck Staining & Painting

Deck and Fence are one of the biggest investments of your home for many reasons. Regular painting and staining of the deck creates a healthy atmosphere for your family and the landscape. As both are outside these are susceptible to...

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Elastomeric Coating service in Jacksonville

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric paint is extremely durable due to its elasticity nature and it’s resistant to layer, dirt, mildew. A stucco and masonry surface uses elastomeric paint in order to prevent water leaks and bridge the cracks. Let Apex Pro help you...

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Cool Deck Coatings Service in Jacksonville

Concrete & Cool Deck surface coatings

Residential and Commercial Decking in Jacksonville, FL By nature cool deck has concrete surface which stays cool during summer. When homeowners and business owners plan to paint the cool-deck they have to be very clear about few things specially the...

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Vinyl siding painting Service

Vinyl Siding painting

Vinyl siding can take on a worn and faded appearance over time. For homeowners looking to freshen up the exterior of their home or simply try out a new color, Apex Pro Painting offers exceptional professional vinyl siding painting for...

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