3 Rules to Use the Accent Colors that Can Change the Whole Look of Your House

3 Rules to Use the Accent Colors that Can Change the Whole Look of Your House

When it comes to decorating your home, colors play a very important role. Sometimes the expense does not matter much but the right use of colors does when it comes to home decoration. The right choice of colors not only makes your house look appealing but can also make your room look spacious.

The right color can bring out the personality of your house. And it is very important when it comes to the accent wall that what wall should you pick? Because too much color can spoil the look of the room and the color which are too light can dull up the room, so you should always consult a professional color consultant because they suggest the best color combo for your walls.

Accent colors are the best way to make your house more noticeable to others. The more desirable and appealing look leaves visitors with no other option but to notice. We often see accent walls in fancy restaurants, hotel rooms, and even at some houses sometimes. But when it comes to applying the accent paint at our own place we find it really difficult to choose a color or which combination will go along. So there is an accent color rule that will make your accent painting way easier.

The Rules to Use Accent Colors:

  • Ratio Rule: The accent color rule is 60/30/10, like 60% of the room should be painted with the main color, 30% of the room should be painted with the main accent color and 10% of the room should be painted by the secondary accent color. This decorating rule is very useful for people. But if you are confident enough then you can even play with the ratio as well.
  • Three Times Rule: Use should choose colors accordingly so that they can go with three main rooms. Because some colors make a flow in the house and give a sense of togetherness. The goal is even if you move your furniture from one room to another and still, the look of the room looks coordinated.

The three times rule says that the main accent color should be used at least three times in a single rule. You should never limit the use of the main accent color because it attracts the eyes of the viewers. You can use the accent paint in places like on any painted surface, in the upholstery, and in the artwork.

  • Avoid Playing With Both The Circle Of Colors: Either choose colors from the outer circle of a color wheel or the shades from the inner circle of the color wheel. Colors on an outer circle are clean and crisp and on the other hand colors on the inner circle are muted colors. Mixing both types of color can be super hard and can turn out to be really messy, incomplete, and complicated.

So these are the three things that are going to help you to handle accent colors. Accent color holds power you should never underestimate. As they are a very important part of any color scheme. They can literary change the look of the room when used correctly. They can give your wall a dominating power when it comes to home decor. So how will you approach a professional house painter?

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