3 Tip To Clean And Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

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3 Tip To Clean And Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

If you are planning to get your walls painted with new colors or just got your walls painted, then the first question that will strike your mind is how long it is going to stay or how long it is going to last. The first thing that matters or on which it is dependent is the material used for painting. If you want the material to be good then you should consult quality and reliable commercial painters in Jacksonville FL (Florida), or elsewhere, who has knowledge about which material will be beneficial for the project.

There are many other factors on which it depends. It is possible to retain a freshly-painted look and you can easily extend the life of interior painted walls.

This is so obvious that you would never like to invest your hard-earned money in painting your home every third month. Instead, you would want your freshly-painted walls to look the same for at least a year or more. And if you want this then you don’t have to worry because this is possible and can be done by following some simple tips that will help you in maintaining the look of your walls.

Tips to maintain the freshly painted walls:

  • Clean The Walls: Cleaning the floor is in everybody’s daily routine, and so should your walls. Cleaning and washing your walls should be one of the best ways to maintain your painted walls, especially in areas of high traffic, kitchens, and bathrooms, because these are the areas that have a high chance to get affected by things. You should be extra careful in the areas behind wall switches, behind TVs, below the cooking surfaces, and near the bathroom. You need to clean these areas at least once a year with gentle cleansing. You can clean the wall with the help of a sponge in a non-abrasive soap and water solution, then you just need to pat the wet areas with a dry towel to dry the area.
  • Dust The Walls: You often notice that dust and dirt pile up on your walls. It not only disturbs the appearance of the wall but also harms the life span of your painted wall. You can protect the life span of your wall by adding some changes in your daily routine dusting, you don’t need to do much but you just need to simply dust your walls and ceiling with the same cloth. And also clean it with a long-handled sweeper once every two months. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush for your wall.
  • Get All The Repairing Done: People often ignore the small damages on their walls like chipping or peeling, but they are very important to notice and then get repaired as soon as possible. Because these small damages can end up being big damage. Doing this will not only make your house look appealing and inviting but it will extend the life of your paint. You should fill holes and get repaint the places that are peeling off, and fix the leakage because leakage is the major reason for peeling and bubbling paint.

So these are the thing that can do to make your freshly painted wall last longer. One of the major issues is created if the painters don’t paint well, don’t use proper tools, or don’t know how to do it properly. So you should always go for skilled and expert painting company in Jacksonville FL, or anywhere, that can save you all these troubles.

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