The Benefits Of A Concrete Pool Deck Coating, Jacksonville

Pool Deck Coating Services in Jacksonville FL

The Benefits Of A Concrete Pool Deck Coating, Jacksonville

Summer is here, and you must be preparing to escape the heat of the warm summer days with a nice dice into the swimming pool. So why not take a step forward to check your pool deck health. Invite your pool deck concrete and coating contractor in Jacksonville for a quick consultation.  Your pool may slippery, has cracks, and may be not used for a season and full of dirt. Concrete pool deck coatings from Apex Pro Painting will not only enhance your pool but add a textured and slip-resistant coating to help reduce the potential risks.

Safe And Slip-Resistant Surface

A wet surface becomes a safety hazard if not well prepared. The concrete pool deck becomes slippery which cause someone to slip and get injury. This is where non- slippy epoxy pool deck coating are used by Apex Pro Painting contractors in Jacksonville. Multi layer coating create a non-slippy surface and also gives a unique look to your cool deck as well.

Reduced time and money on maintenance.

If the cool deck concrete has porous surface, it will end up with dirt and other debris from soaking into the material. Hence cool deck coating is most preferred option to avoid such problems and this reduces your day today maintenance too.

Easier on bare feet.

Brick, concrete, tiles are not good for bare feet.  Epoxy coating material used to pool deck coat the deck is made to resist the absorption of heat. The surface stays cooler to the touch, making it comfortable to walk across in bare feet.

Costs less and highly durable

Coating your pool deck rather than having it completely redone will cost you between one-third and one-half the cost. Once done with a cool deck coating and painting, you can use it for nearly 4 to 6 years.

Apex Pro Painting gives you a professional cool deck coating service that is extremely durable due to right selection paint, procedure that stands as the most attractive area of your yard. Our Apex Pro Painting concrete coatings service has years of experience installing concrete coatings in both residential and commercial applications in Jacksonville. Give us a call for your pool deck project this summer.

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