Accent Wall Ideas: 6 Ways to Bring Individual Style to Your Room Design

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Accent Wall Ideas: 6 Ways to Bring Individual Style to Your Room Design

Accent walls are a unique way to put together a wonderful color scheme in a home, add a subtle depth to your walls, and create a dramatic yet welcoming ambience.

An accent wall is an eye-catching element for living space or bedroom and you can also plan it into the kitchen or bathroom, wherever it works well. There is plenty of elements to take into consideration, such as paint, wallpaper, tile, textural materials, and displays.

Below, we’ve curated our top favorite accent wall options to introduce an inspiring focal point to your room.

1. Embrace Rustic Beauty
Whether you decide to clad your wall with new wood or reclaimed timber, paneling walls is a smart idea to revamp a flat, ordinary space. Adding a shiplap wall behind the bed is an attractive alternative to a statement headboard. The natural patina, silver tones, or antiqued boards brings a distinctive, rough luxe finish.

2. Revamp a Country Classic
Shaker shingles are a big no-no for a roof for interior/exterior walls. Instead, go for rustic quality or natural wood tone to bring warmth to your space and evoke the ambience of a cozy cottage retreat. It is an ideal option for a wall behind the bed or couch in a snug living room. You can give it a contemporary twist by painting shingles in saturated shades of grey. A whitewash will brighten the finish and make the neutral space more fascinating.

3. Add Texture and Depth with Wood Cladding
Wood is a versatile choice for accent walls. The wood cladding on the bedroom’s back wall creates an enveloping effect and provides contrast to the walls and ceilings. The wood has a natural depth and luxurious texture that stands out from bold green walls. It adds more character and interest to the overall space.

4. Make a Statement with Three Tonal Colors
You might have seen two colors together on a wall, but how about three? As long as you pick a trio that goes incredibly well together. You can choose a trio from the same color family and further accessorize it with matching pieces like blinds, pillows, and artwork.

5. Use the Same Color, But in a Different Material
A fabulous way to create an intriguing yet calming wall feature is to use the same color in different materials and textures. Tiles would work well with paint shades and pairing these together can create a relaxed, effortless look. For an easy twist, you can add a vertical line of tiles and paint in purple-brown tiles, in contrast to the aquamarine backdrop.

6. Add Character with Paneling
Paneling comes in many designs, from tongue and groove to Jacobean grid and traditional shaker style. Whatever you pick, it will add depth, character, and lavishness to featureless walls. By adding a picture shelf, painted in the same color, with above half-height paneling, you will achieve a wonderful display surface that is easy to update every season.
Accent walls are never outdated. But the latest interior designs use more than just a single paint shade. Today’s accent walls are full of patterned wallpapers, murals, fascinating materials, textural finishes, and more.

Here, at Apex Pro Painting, we can help you choose the right wall, shade, and texture for your accent wall. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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